Go-to sites for Music Gems

Across the past four years, I have had the pleasure of researching & discovering vocalists that changed the music landscape. From Imagine Dragons’ pop-synth infused beats, to the Brit harmonies echoing from Bastille, I will take ownership of broadcasting their ballads before debuting on global charts, but only with credible resources guiding my ears to this artistry.

Initially streaming these deserving artists through Chapman Radio’s airwaves, I have since graduated, but long to continue sharing what simply is good music. Give yourself a gold star if these lists, songs, or sources have already entered your line of vision, but if not, let me know a few of your favorites in the comments below.

The Wild Honey Pie presents: Top 100 Songs of 2014

“This year saw the release of so many tracks that took our breath away. Established artists like alt-JSt. Vincent and even Taylor Swift all had banner years, each of them soundtracking everything from our morning commutes to workouts (looking at you Taylor Swift). The real gems of the year, though, came from the wealth of new comers who truly blew us away. Sylvan EssoGlass AnimalsFKA Twigs and Yellerkin all released tracks that will be in our libraries for years to come, and have all earned a place on our “must listens” when they release new music.”



Screenshot 2015-01-10 16.18.22

We are Hunted. If you are that person that is monumentally peeved when a friend exclaims, ‘I love that band!’, but is only aware of one mainstream song, then you’ll appreciate this app. Discovering up & coming artists making their rounds on music blogs, and music maker radars, be the person that actually loves the band before the mainstream.


Screenshot 2015-01-10 15.20.46

Last.fm Keeping track of your plays, and recommending artists that aren’t just a regurgitation of Top 40 hits in your played genre, this app finds new songs to keep your library up to date. My favorite feature is at the tip top; Click Now Playing, and in the top right corner, follow through to a Similar tracks Playlist.


Screenshot 2015-01-10 16.17.08

Publishing new songs on an almost daily basis, MMMusic is the Soundcloud profile you need to follow. The mystery MMMan switches up the genres ushering in recognized artists with new singles, and new comers grateful to be among their idol’s. Without knowing what kind of music you’re going to stumble upon, this roulette-like feed remains in the realm of tolerable indie-pop melodies.

As a beginning list to my accumulated(& counting) go-to sources, watch your libraries expectedly explode with melodies to impress the hipsters. Happy hopping.


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