A Hopeful Blogger I Am.

Currently finishing my last semester at Chapman University as an Advertising and Graphic Design student, the Leatherby Library third floor has graciously provided power outlets and comfortable seating to work on as ‘homework’.

I put homework in quotes due to the nature of my assignments. Faced with a blank sheet of paper or digital document, my first instinct is to venture onto Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube.

Although passersby perceive this decision as procrastination, little do they know creativity strikes harder when inspired by a global collection of talent. My recipes, design craft, and discovery of music stems from inspiration; honestly, all the beautiful blogs I follow are what motivated me to begin this in the first place.  My Pinterest board ‘For Eyes Bigger than my Stomach’ is swarming with links to these various star writers without future halting.

As mentioned briefly but previously, my writing will discuss my presence in the kitchen, but also feature lifestyle factors namely music, forms of design, and inspiration I see fitting to share.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I can only hope that my food photography, words, and shared information can inspire you as well as aid in encouraging something new to try and potentially adapt into your lifestyle.

I am incredibly curious minded, and believe in insightful conversation as well. So please, drop me a comment, constructive criticism, or a simple hello. I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “A Hopeful Blogger I Am.

  1. I agree, it is so easy to get distracted by sites like Twitter and Facebook. I love the writer’s voice you use in your blog! I have a literary blog, and I recently wrote about Twitter through a writer’s perspective, and this post really opens my eyes to more insight. Keep writing!

    • In the regard of distraction, it seems like more & more these days that is the only function of the platforms. Although Twitter I have found allows connections with once big ‘untouchable’ brands and personalities more than ever! Facebook just seems like a stalk fest. I sincerely appreciate your kind words; I’m about to sift through a few of your posts to return the sentiments 🙂

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