Hands On With Jibo, The Family Robot

More & more, we’re becoming used to the idea of robots not only co-existing among us, but adjusted to enhance our daily activities. Sure, Jibo can order me my ‘usual’ favorite from the Taquiera down the street, but can he make me a gourmet Mahi Mahi taco in a few years? Whose to say what the masterminds behind the development of robots will bring us in the future…what are your thoughts on our soon-to-be reliance on these metallic friends?


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While Siri and its ilk have gotten most of us used to the idea of talking to our devices, the current selection of smart assistants still feel more like tools than something with a personality. Jibo, a new robot from MIT roboticist Cynthia Breazeal, might be the gadget that finally changes that.

Jibo is designed to be a social robot that you interact with like it’s another person in your home. Hungry? Tell Jibo it’s time to order a pizza and it will go online to get your usual. Celebrating a birthday? Jibo can snap a photo of your daughter blowing out the candles on the cake. It also does the stuff you normally associate with smart assistants, like reminders or sending messages. They can also communicate with each other, so you can ask Jibo to remind your mom to pick up the kids and her Jibo…

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