Sale screaming.

A term I have coined for those luring tags crisply above or beneath a product. Although simply just adding a bold look at me now distinction to the price, our brains are trained to trigger the hand to look closer. Especially in my own personal heaven, Whole Foods Market, any lessened price is a gift from the foodie gods.

But a little Whole Foods never hurt nobody right? Okay, maybe perhaps our wallets. They don’t call it Whole Paycheck for nothing, but that’s beside the point. When I visit one of these organic oasises, I am immediately taken by the refreshing air transformed by the wealthy surplus of produce, but still attempt to stick to ‘what I came in for’. That’s a laugh.

You would think this store is a taunting foundation to test our impulses. Without any hesitation, I easily will admit my extreme failure if this were to be true, but I am completely fine with my choice to give into my temptations. Life is plenty full of risky situations, but that euphoric feeling of ‘making it out alive’ is what living is all about. And sometimes, making it out alive also comes with a new favorite thing, passion, or in this case, product. Having recently gifted my parents with two hefty bear hugs before saying our farewells, their suitcases rolling out of sight meant I was officially in ‘the real world’. To reward myself one last Whole Paycheck worthy experience, walking thorough the Bellevue, Washington sliding doors put me in awe.

IT’S HUGE, I thought. Where on this new thriving planet do I begin?

The thing is, going to the grocery store really is an adventure to me, and adventure’s don’t have time limits in my book. The unexpected, and familiar encounters alike are what make it special. So in I walked, and out I carried a paper bag of prime goodies. Go hide your keys, because you’re going to skipping toward your car in no time.


Among the many nicknames I have acquired, Annie Green Apple has been a sticker. Fuji apples are my main jam, but when that screaming tagger arrives, I’ll occasionally dabble in the Pink Lady varieties. But then there’s this beautiful hybrid my taste buds happened to stumble upon.


Barely fitting into my open palm, this Washington Fuji apple bursted with tartness, but featured the green and red hued skin native to the Fuji. Since I typically eat two to three daily apples on average, discovering one that took much longer to eat made it that much more satisfying.



Intriguing for its grab and go packaging, this squeezable goo struck my need for vivid green edibles. No not those kind of edibles, but the nourishing, earthy kind that send a nirvana like surge through your immune system. Still sounds like a hit of weed, but this Mamma Chia was anything but. I’ve always been less than a fan of seedy drinks having had many a berry smoothies heavily adding to the metal in my teenage mouth. The slimed chia seeds in this concoction however are so well flavored, I almost took little notice of the odd texture. Almost. Although undeniably sweet, knowing the healthy omega’s would be the treat to my balanced system, I easily was satisfied.


As a product advocate for the replenishing, rehydrating, reviving qualities associated with this probiotic drink, seeing a ‘special’ sign tied to this brand caused a scream in my head. Dr. Kombucha has been a brand I’ve been meaning to consume especially having recently visited the original Townshend’s Tea in Portland.

Could the mellow vibe clouding the cafe be bottled in this drink? Unfortunately no. Maybe it’s my sweet tastebud taking the mic, but to my dismay, this particular brand tasted of a minimally bubbled water, sprinkled with a pinch of ginger, and overpowered by a spicy heat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for spicy drinks[hence my current fixation on spicy pepper ciders], but seeing that this flavor really wasn’t a flavor but in fact a disappointing feeling, my tastebuds and system were left confused.

Luckily, a two for $5 deal was encountered promising my palette with That Indian Drink.


As a slurpable yogurt lassi, these spiced fruit drinks certainly had flavor that neither overpowered or undermined the sips. Choosing a ‘Mango Rosewater’ and ‘Raspberry Cinnamon’, these probably were the finds I found most intriguing. I can’t say I have really come across a fruit + spice profile such as these. Let me tell you, this is an experience I would love to have again and again seeing that each gulp sent me closer and closer to this countries’ warm climate and population of humble beginnings. The drink is so simple, yet the subtle sweetness of the cinnamon harvesting raspberry, and refreshing rosewater caressing the liquified meat of a mango are gone much too fast. Oh my, you gotta try it[before I steal yours].


Portland would most likely be proud of these Forbidden Rice Ramen noodles. They’re weird. Forked loops of dark violet noodles marinate in an authentic miso broth offering a less salty than expected soup base, mild and comforting each bite.


Seeing that I was hungry, expected of one diagnosed with bottomless stomach syndrome, I mixed a bag of tofu noodles, and frozen carrots, beans, and corn for additional texture and substance. If you’re mas or menos on ramen, I’d recommend enjoying a unique take on this convenience college staple.


To finish my last hurrah at Whole Foods, it wouldn’t be Whole Paycheck without a visit to the Salad bar. If you have problems with self-control, I would recommend staying in the car. You’re doing your wallet a favor, but if your stomach is the one driving your mind, the bar is your oyster. The options for wholesome,  healthy food are limitless riddled with fresh greens, grilled portabellos, sautéed kale and brown rice concoctions among other food gawk worthy choices. Don’t say I didn’t warn you once you arrive at the hipster managing the register.

You’d think with all this sale, the bang for your buck would be heard around the store. At least you got a bang at all because it certainly will be expensive. Yes, there’s no getting around the expensive nature of this Green Wonderland, but if enjoying the better things in life begins with an appetite, I look forward to reading your take on these foodie finds.


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