Iggy’s Toast.

Occasionally when I am jamming out to playlists of custom tunes, there is a specific mood I’m in and a perfect song I’m looking for to compliment that feeling.

Every evening, I send myself to Slumberland with the aid of Norah Jone’s soothing vocals and John Mayer’s strum of the guitar, but when the morning sun batters my eyelids to wake up, my system thrives off the energy of a pumped up song. Recently Iggy Azalea has been the commanding song to thrill my senses while I spent several minutes preparing my usual Oatmeal / Greek Yogurt combo and hilariously large mug of Breakfast tea & vanilla almond milk.


Whoever coined the phrase, ‘Music for the Soul’ knew what they were talking about, and as someone who believes life is an occasion, why not dress it up fancy? Beginning with a hearty meal to influence the rest of your day, I would be thrilled to consume what San Francisco’s small coffee shop Trouble has spurred among bakeries.

Labeled as ‘Artisanal Toast’ or the ‘$4 Toast‘, each inch thick, custom slice of bread varies from a lathering of small batch almond butter, dashes of cinnamon & honey, or an even spread of local jam preserves. As a college student, upwards of $4 for this breakfast staple is a bit questionable, but influenced by my heavy curiosity, I’m looking forward to returning to the bay for one of these fancy bites.

For a well detailed welcoming into the originator of this craze, spend some time reading. It’s much more worthwhile than that silly Buzzfeed telling you you’re meant to be with Ryan from the OC.





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