Music & Squash, it ain’t pish posh.

Noting that one of my all time favorite times of the year is when retailers whip out their best selection of pumpkin flavored this, and pumpkin infused that, we must note that this giant orange Fall bomb is a squash. Siblings to the pumpkin seem to get lost in the flurry of Pumpkin’s acquired stardom, and I am hear to give them the spotlight they deserve.

Often times I hear others claim that making a vegetable based dish is labor intensive, and requires hands on work that convenient frozen food can ‘just as easily’ provide. WRONG. Especially in the case of squash, all you really need is

a sharp cutting knife(hopefully if you’re even a smudge passionate about food, you own one)

water( this is America ya’ll. We’re a developed nation.)

spices(again, you most likely have a few to spice up your life outside of the song)

an oven(you’ve probably had one since your first go around with the Easy-Bake oven. So no excuses!)

More? Nope. That’s really all you need to make a fantastic squash produces a smooth inner ‘meat’ to be stuffed with your best judgement.

In the case of today, the featured meal for ‘Music’s Mate Chow.’ we have a squash variation promising the innovative experimentation I do in my kitchen.










Baked in a vegetable bouillon & apple cider tea broth, this acorn squash’s interior is stuffed with spiced ginger apple chunks, sautéed spinach, and Sriacha 0% Fage Greek yogurt. Literally so simple.

While the recipe will follow this post, I must inquire upon us all to discover its relation to music. Kicked by the hot chili condiment that has become so near and dear to American tables these days, the artists on this playlist depict similar high energy, dance rock to ignite your music heart in the same manner.

So who do we featured for today at 1pm on

Misterwives | Twenty One Pilots | New Politics | Magic Man | Echosmith | Haim | & more!

Feel free to like my page on Facebook for the latest updates and also to tell me about your own listening & eating habits! The pairings are sure to be delicious…


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