My Music Rant.

Rabbits have long ears now don’t they?  I’d bargain their hearing ability is quite exceptional. Having been labeled this animal intially for my healthy, occasionally lettuce snacking habits, I believe my passion for music discovery can be adapted to this animal identity as well.

Yes I am aware how hipster this is going to sound, but there really is something so exciting about discovering and sharing an artist on the brink of social stardom and watching their fanbase expand. Knowing that I knew of their talent before passive listeners claim they ‘love the band’ despite having only heard their dropped single allows me to justify my true dedication to the band.

I’ll admit I too can be guilty of saying I love a band. It happens. But more often than not upon putting the noted song on a hiatus in favor of potential gems on the rest of the album, new favorites are born due to my escape into their music’s story. An album really is a verbal piece of literature transforming prose into sung lyrics. Why just read a chapter if you can have the whole book? Or for better words, have the dessert like song knowing that music high will soon falter until the next great one comes along.

If given the opportunity of a multiple coursed EP, I guarantee your music palette will significantly mature.

There’s also something so special about music besides my hipster attributes. Think about it. The wannabe rapper who thinks he’s the next Andre Nickatina waits for the bus next to a head to toe J. Crew prepster. Their views and developed world may vary greatly yet they both have Atmosphere’s album on a loop.

Music is the cement mending differences and creating global communities. Music is powerful.

As a closing thought, you’ve heard of food’s good friend wine. & its counterpart culture. Yet the question that springs up as mystery is the potential pairings between food and music. I want to save you a seat on the hipster bandwagon touring deserving artists on the brink of musical stardom, but with the endeavor to discover a link between your eating and listening habits. As my final Radio Show at Chapman University, make sure to tune into




on every Wednesday at 1pm.  I’ll be playing my usual playlist of need to know Alt.Indie artists but with a foodie twist.

Here’s a little taste of my go to album right now. On an upcoming tour with the lively family band The Mowgli’s[who are A-MAZING live!],  Misterwives is that head bopping energy you need right now.



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