In Need of Activation

No, this isn’t a post geared toward a technology blunder, or unpaid subscription requesting your attention. For what’s its worth, you may have noted the foodie inspired thoughts electronically published on this blog, and as such, I will stick to this expectation.

So in adding yet another question to your day’s routine, what is in need of activation? Well, you. & me. And anyone else who has not consumed the quenching and interactive beverage known as Activate.

As a college enrolled student, waking any time before the hour of 8:00am generally is considered ungodly. Determined to surpass this stereotype however, I [mostly] was present every Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30am submitting myself to Cory O’Connor’s Internet Communications class. By no means did this professor of mine reflect ‘old age’, but merely noting that he has more than twenty-one years of age, I couldn’t help but compare my flagging spirit to his never yielding energy. At 8:30am. But then it hit me.

Refreshing would be an understatement referring not only to his presentations of the socially driven content, but what I now know describes the juice to his creativity.



Activate is a Zero Calorie, vitamin-packed beverage turning the wheels of our half-asleep minds. Tantalizing tastebuds with a variety of flavors ranging from Grape, Pink Grapefruit, to Passion fruit, receiving a daily dose of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, + Electrolytes never was so easy. Or so fun.

As one whose day is made when watching Almond milk swirl and caress brewed black tea in the morning, you could say I become a bit delighted by fresh vitamins being released from the preserving cap.

A little shake to the bottle following this act and the recovery liquid is ready to enhance your mentality and spirit. If only I had made the connection sooner…


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