Who are you?

There’s a quote I tend to encounter within the all to often ‘deep life conversations’ that reminds,


Although I’ll be the first to admit my on again, off again relationship with living in the now, a recent discussion burrowed in the [recently] ugly past really solidified my impression on the sing song words.  Yes, your yesterday may be history, but it also is immensely influencing the conduction of your gift.

The past occasionally builds memories we wish to forget, yet we shouldn’t. At least in terms of how we once perceived them. Referring to the conversation I participated in, a friend’s continuous cycle of breaking up with her boyfriend ‘for good’ led her now negative perception of this man to darken their past.

Although our strife to live in the ‘now’ allows this mental 180, the grand events don’t stop being grand. In these cherished moments, our residence on Cloud 10 may very well have created the most lively, excited, and loved versions of ourselves despite the current spite being launched toward this person. Why rid ourselves of this nirvana?

The mind is a remarkably powerful utensil randomly stabbing , and smoothing these memories, however  with each new recipe added to our book of relationships, our mysterious future can be visualized optimistically when allowing these experiences to be available for reference.

Living in the moment involves simultaneous presence in the past.  What chapter influenced who you are today?


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