Youth Foodies; copyright MTV?

Despite being exhausted between 10 and 11p.m. & anticipating my daily ‘SleepyTime’ playlist to soon prep the twists and turns of slumber dreams, my twenty-one years of age still label me a ‘youth’. And as such, my fellow Gen Y’s and I commonly can be called upon for immediate pop culture insight.

You don’t know who Juan Pablo is? Well, you might as well take over Patrick Star’s mortgage under a rock.

The sexy new 'Bachelor' with his daughter. Swoon!

The sexy new ‘Bachelor’ with his daughter. Swoon!

Though if you happen to have an opinion on Lucy’s ‘free spirit’ occupation, and have applied this expectation of Fad knowledge to other forms of reality television, MTV was once the network of choice to indulge in juicy gossip and love hexagons of the featured cast members. The Real World wasn’t the nearing voyage into workplace reality.

Though as any ever maturing individual, my evolved interests turned toward celebrity chefs. The respected nature of their knife work combined with sharp competitive dialogue filled the void of drama while also transforming food into another way to rebel against the parents.

“You’re thinking of making cornbread tonight Mom? Can you somehow incorporate Himalayan salt as the ‘secret ingredient’ like Iron Chef Morimoto was able to do? No? Let me show you how it can be done.”

My palette for contestant interviews, and sprints through Whole Foods has taught me well, yet with confirmation that these factors will be featured on MTV’s newest series, House of Food, I’ll be first in admitting [hesitant] excitement for its March debut. Along with in-house arguments and sexual tension expected of a MTV production, this move towards foodie culture among youths could be the next scandalous topic to reach cafeteria discussions.


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