‘Eating so healthy’ is GOOD.

Motivation. Reliability. Responsibility. Often difficult to main


tain in the context of ‘change’. Yet each new year, Nike products soar off shelves, Whole Foods reinstalls itself as Whole Paycheck, and resident couch potatoes decide ‘this will be the year’.

Why a year? Why not, ‘this will be my life?’
couch potatoes decide ‘this will be the year’.

No matter how many green smoothies are consumed, or exercise equipment is purchased, think realistically. Will this simple date marking another January 1st actually change your mentality and wellbeing? No, but any Monday could be with two key factors.

Support and time.

Without attempts to seem negative, I honestly have seen it, experienced it, and have made residency on this bumpy road, but with these two things in the mind, the change soon becomes routine.

You won’t always get support. In fact, despite America’s current overbooked seat on the Health bandwagon, sales will soon flag, and deem words like ‘healthy’, ‘green’, and ‘fitness’, cringe worthy.

When finally sitting down to make this blog, I was this close to taking the name ‘Y.E.S.H.’ standing for you eat so healthy. Yes, glad you noticed. I do. And I do because I enjoy the taste and tantalizing manipulations to produce. Probably the same as one could enjoy a delectably moist Red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles. Yet why is this phrase so often delivered in a mocking, skeptical tone?

Again, I have no intentions to make anyone ‘feel bad’ about what is chosen to be put in their body; the overwhelming addiction I have for the bright, earthy, spicy, sweet, you name it flavors I play with as a cook just outweighs more confectious choices.

With all this being said, the support may very well be absent, but once the decision is made to actually try tofu, or enjoy a half watermelon at one sitting(hello Summer Happiness Lana!), the time will come to discover truly delicious food once never acknowledged.


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