Busy is my excuse.

I really am that busy. Busy enough to forgo social opportunities in order to maintain mental stability. And often times I wonder, is giving into perfectionism really worth it in the long run?

Yes and no. Crafting an aesthetically pleasing project, portfolio, or cooked dish is satisfying and something to be proud of, yet at what cost?

As the personal cost to life putting aside money and other forms of commerce, the struggle I consistently face is balance. Not only physically, (I do yoga, but they don’t call me Clumsy Green for nothing) but in the realm of ‘finding time’, or ‘making time’.

Everyone says you can always make time. My repeated response usually involves a cocked head, lack of eye contact, and a disagreeing smile.

But this justification to being busy has gone on long enough. And my consistent promise to creating a food and lifestyle blog with follow through has gone on long enough.

So if you’re still reading, thank you. The good stuff is coming, notably in time for yet another, ‘Year of Change’.


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